Ameba-Starr Basketball Association (ASBA)

Non-Profit Organization

“A goal without a plan and the willingness to work hard – will only be a dream.”

Holisitc Development

If you want to improve your game, develop your basketball skills with the right basketball training then you’ve found the right place.

Regardless if you are starting your career as a Basketball Student-Athlete or a current high school, college, university and/or may be transitioning into a Pro-Basketball Career, you have found the right basketball training.

When it comes to Basketball Skill Training and Development…It’s all about you (the Student-Athlete & your Family) within the Ameba-Starr Basketball Association (ASBA), we will ‘holistically’ train you to accomplish your goals. If you’re one of the few who already knows your greatness we will assist you in reaching the heights you see for yourself. If you haven’t realized your greatness yet but love the game, we will show you with the right basketball training you can release the greatness already in you. Every hero needs a guide, and that’s exactly what our Association is all about (leading our Clients towards reality…aka…the truth). At ASB we have been fortunate in our past experiences to have been blessed with the opportunity to coach/train/mentor some of the best Basketball Student-Athletes and Pro-Players in the world, and helped many others reach their full Student-Athlete potential; thus, making their hoop dreams a become reality.

The ASBA can help guide you towards the light-of-success, but you have to be willing to commit yourself towards taking the steps necessary to experience Academic/Athletic success. The first session is free and the ASBA is more than confident that we will be able to get you where you want to go.

How ASBA Helps

Mentorship – a mentor is defined as a wise, trusted guide and/or advisor. In addition, the mentor is a teacher that shares their personal experiences to the ‘Mentee’ meanwhile mentoring the “mentee” up the ranks and throughout their Membership of being an ASB and their ‘tenure’ of being a Student-Athlete.

Consulting – a consultant is an ‘expert’ who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions. They are relied on to understand the problem and to provide solutions. Consulting is unlike coaching because with pure coaching, the answers should come from the client.

To solidify the definitions above – ASB Staff Members are leaders in ‘Holistic’ Basketball-Training, Coaching, Physical Development Mentorship, Consultation and Post-Secondary-Placement. Our extensive experience has contributed to the overall success of Student-Athletes of all levels (Community Basketball, Jr. High, High School, College and/or University); by helping them recognize and take major steps towards reaching their true academic/athletic potential.

Skills Development

Below is various skills (but not limited to) that you will be learning to ‘master’ during
ASB’s Training Sessions: enhance their knowledge and ability to perform the following
aspects of the game:

  • 3-Point Shooting Development
  • Ballhandling Development
  • Footwork Development (offense & defense)
  • Mid-Range Shooting
  • Development
  • Floater Shot Development
  • Passing Development
  • Pull-up Jumper Development
  • Holistic Physical Development